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The 5 types of massage in Dubai

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1)Thai massage in Dubai

 Thai massage  is like pressure, Thai massage aligns with gentle pressure, the body specific point of energy.
Thai massage also includes compression and extension.
You don't just lie there - the therapist moves, stretching into a sequence of positions.
Like yoga, without doing any work.
Thai massage is more motivating than other forms of massage.
It can also reduce stress and increase flexibility and range of motion.
2) Pregnancy massage in Dubai
massage in Dubai
 Pregnancy massage is also called prenatal massage, and pregnancy massage is becoming more and more popular.
Prove who the massage therapist knows the right way, the woman's body's positioning and support during the massage, and how to modify the technique.
Pregnancy massage to reduce stress, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and reduce anxiety and depression.
Massage is a woman's personalized demand customization.
3) Although massage in Dubai
massage in Dubai
Although it is sometimes called a foot massage foot massage, it is a simple foot massage.
The reflex therapy involves applying pressure to correspond to the feet at certain points in the body's organs and systems.
Pedicures are relaxed, especially those who stand up, or just tired and sore feet.
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4) Sports massage in Dubai

People who participate in physical activity by sports massage are specially designed for exercise.
But you don't have to be one of the professional athletes, it also USES who is active, regular exercise people.
The emphasis is not on relaxation, but in preventing and treating injuries and improving athletic performance.
A combination of techniques.
Stroke is generally a faster rate than a Swedish massage.
Anchor stretching is a common technique.
It helps to relax muscles and increase flexibility.
 massage in Dubai
5)Back massage in Dubai

Back massages have always been a popular way to be loved, and it's not just a simple body, it's a health care function. Everyone feels that massage is not only good, massage every point in the massage body is still very comfortable, very relaxed