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Advantages and disadvantages of health massage

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Advantages and disadvantages of health massage
The Dubai massage is a health care function, as everyone knows, but is the Dubai massage good or bad for the human body?
I'm sure it's a little more good, or else there are so many people going to Dubai for a massage?
Today let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of massages in Dubai.

What are the benefits of a Dubai massage

Advantages and disadvantages of health massage
1. The Dubai massage is a relaxing way for people to relax when they enjoy a massage.
Now social massage has become an important part of healthy life.
There are scientific data.
A one-hour massage in Dubai can not only reduce your heart rate, but also lower your insulin levels, which can be beneficial to your health.
 Advantages and disadvantages of health massage
2. The body can produce unhealthy hormone buildup, when we are in support of traffic flow, or meet the deadline of work.
The pent-up stress hormone cortisol levels can cause insomnia, headaches, and even digestive problems.
The Dubai massage has been shown to reduce the body's cortisol.
This allows the body to enter into a relaxed mode of rest and recovery.
In fact, the Dubai massage triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that can lead to long-lasting relaxation feelings, reducing stress and improving mood.
 Advantages and disadvantages of health massage
3, now of the white-collar workers because of long time sitting in front of a computer, and is a one day, a day after work the body's muscle soreness, Dubai massage can alleviate because muscle pain caused by long-term posture to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation.
Other office workers need to be careful not to stay in one position all the time, and proper walking will not cause muscle soreness.
4. The long-term effect of the Dubai massage therapy that is deeper than the skin.
Better blood circulation is the result of a regular massage, part of a chain reaction that occurs in the body.
5. Massage therapy in Dubai is a good way to maintain and improve flexibility and exercise.
Through the muscle, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints, often massage can improve your flexibility and range of motion, let your joints are more smoothly, making them less vulnerable to injury.
6, and scientific data show, often go to dubai to massage not only can relieve fatigue, relieve pressure and the immunity of human body has a lot of ascension, dubai by massage, it can reduce the number of some of the "killer cells in the human body.
These are harmful to the human body and the function of the human body is improved.
 Advantages and disadvantages of health massage
The disadvantage of massage
If massager vibration velocity and strength are larger, then began to massage fitness needs, set up in a slight shift to massage and position it is best not to close to the internal organs, give priority to with legs, arms, I used a good variety of massager, including vibration type, hammer type, rolling type, massage time for 20 minutes or more commonly, had no adverse reactions.
If contact pressure is relatively large, should use low speed low force to undertake adaptation, massage time also wants short.