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The 5 most popular types of massage in Dubai

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1) Swedish massage therapy in Dubai
Swedish massage therapy is the most common type of massage therapy in Dubai.
It is also known as Swedish massage or simple massage therapy.
Massage therapists use long strokes to smooth, knead, ring shallow muscles using lotion or massage oil.
Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing.
If you've never had a massage before, it's a great try for the first time.
For more information, read the full article in Swedish massage.
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2) Aromatherapy massage in Dubai
Aromatherapy massage is the essential oil of massage therapy and another or more fragrances. It is called essential oil to meet specific needs.
Massage therapists can choose to relax, energize, reduce stress, balance, and one of the most common oils used for aromatherapy is lavender oil.
Aromatherapy massage is especially suitable for the emotional component of stress-related conditions or conditions.
3)Hot stone massages in Dubai
Hot stone massages are heated and smooth stones are placed at certain points to warm and relax the body's muscles and balance the energy center in the body.
Masseurs can also hold stones and apply mild pressure.
Warm comfort.
Hot stone massages are good people with muscle tension, but prefer light massage.
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4) Deep tissue massage in Dubai
Deep tissue massage deep tissue massage is aimed at deep muscles and connective tissue.
Masseurs use slower strokes or friction techniques to cross food muscles.
Used in deep tissue to massage muscle long term tension or pain, repetitive strain, posture problems, or recovery from injury.
People often feel pain one to two days later, deep tissue massage.
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5)Refers to the pressure massage in Dubai
The finger pressure is a Japanese body that USES localized fingers to press the rhythm of the acupuncture meridians.
Each point stays for two to eight seconds, increasing the flow of energy and helping the body to regain its balance. People are usually surprised when they first try to finger pressure.
The stress of not being relaxed is firm, and often no post-mortem pain.