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Dubai Oil massage for outcall

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Oil Dubai massage with essential oil refers to oil (base oil and oil mixture Dubai massage oil), daub is in need of parts, Dubai massage method, we may borrow by Dubai massages the body, can reach the effect of relax and ease the pressure.
Operating procedures
Step 1: clean the back of the customer's back and dry the back with a dry towel.
Step 2: disinfect the scrapping board and apply the scraping oil to the customer's back, and apply it evenly.
Step 3: A.
Scrape down the hole and scrape it to the waist.
Scrape and scrape down the shoulder blades to the left and right side of the shoulder blade.
Scrape along the medial margin of the scapula, scrape to the armpit and scrape the left to the right.
Note: 1.
Keep the premises warm.
The entire operating procedure shall be subject to 30 minutes, and 15 shall prevail in one site.
After finishing, the customer drinks a cup of warm water, helps to accelerate metabolism.
Taboo: 1.
Fracture, bone incontinence.
Hypertension, heart disease ban.
Dubai massage
The essential oil can be Dubai massaged into the skin cells and then into the blood vessels and tissues throughout the body.
Use essential oil to Dubai massage, can achieve relaxed mood, alleviate the effect of stress, and be helpful for the skin to decompress, also is the great method of health maintenance beauty.
Dubai massage