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Dubai massage for how does essential oil massage body?

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How does essential oil Dubai massage body?
Slide stroke: this should be the most useful technique in the essential oil Dubai massage method. It refers to a series of gentle sliding and soothing movements, which can allow essential oil to penetrate into the body to relax and stabilize the body.
Use the entire palm, not just your fingers, but your hands should be relaxed. The force can be strong or gentle, and the movement can be small.
This muscle will relax and increase blood circulation and relieve tension and stress.
Knead: this technique is like kneading dough, the thumb can be slightly applied, but the movement is slow and moderate.
These actions are great for fat and back, which can relax muscles, promote blood and lymph flow, and help flush toxins out of your body.
Using the two basic technique, application in various parts of the Dubai massage method all Dubai massage method must be toward the direction of the heart to do massage, massage, young, old, the weak use soft slide stroke action.
One. Face and eyes.
The specific steps of facial Dubai massage are as follows:
Step 1: apply 2-3 drops of Dubai massage essential oil to your palm and apply it on your face from the bottom to the outside.
Step 2: the position of the forehead to the temple should be massaged with the finger by the way of the circle.
Step 3: gently press the fingers around the two eyes with the wrist point.
Step 4: Dubai massage the face from the bottom of the wrist with four fingers.
Step 5: push your wrist joint from the Internet to Dubai massage your chin.
The specific steps for the use of oil eye Dubai massage are as follows:
Step 1: drop 1 drop of essential oil on your middle finger, then spread it thinly around your eyes.
Step 2: Dubai massage from the inside to the outside with your fingers, about 15 times.
Step 3: use the index finger in the eyes, the middle eye socket area, gently smear, to stimulate the eye acupuncture point, can achieve blood circulation, improve the effect of dark circles;
Step 4: the merge of the index finger and middle finger, ring finger, three finger abdomen, in the eye by means of remaining that took about five seconds, also can promote the blood circulation, relieve eye ache.
Two. Neck.
The technique is small and strong circle movement, the cervical vertebra is divided into two sides, each from the bottom of the neck Dubai massage to the bottom of the scalp, cervical vertebra left and right into a circle type of Dubai massage movement.
Three. Shoulders.
Use a swipe and kneading technique, use your thumb and hand, and repeat back and forth from shoulder to neck.
Four. Back.
Use slide stroke and kneading technique, the strength can be weak, but do not Dubai massage on the spine.
Start from the inside of the back of the waist, the two hands of the movement should be connected smoothly, Dubai massage up to the shoulder, and then Dubai massage the back side of the back.
Repeat this Dubai massage many times, the longer the time, the more relaxed the body.
Touch the essential oil with your finger tips and use a sliding touch.
When massaging oneself, use clockwise direction to circle the action, when massaging for others, it is counterclockwise direction.
Essential oils can help maintain abdominal skin.
Six. Arm: four fingers together, press the forearm muscles with fingertip force moved back and forth, fingers upward horizontal pushing Dubai massage from the elbow to shoulder, arrived at the shoulders, fingers bend along the shoulder movement, and then flattening, Dubai massage gently down to the elbow, repeat massage.
7. Legs: relax your fingers, bend your legs, knead and squeeze with a gentle touch, and Dubai massage from the ankle to the thigh.
Feet: Dubai massage in a straight line with a thumb from the toe to the heel, Dubai massage the points, and Dubai massage with the back, foot, and foot.
If you massage, you can Dubai massage it directly to the absorption. Before massage, use the hot towel for about 5 minutes, which can help the essential oil absorb better.