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Local Dubai massage
1, essential oil Dubai massage can reduce weight, because through the stimulation of Dubai massage and acupuncture points, can dredge lymphoid tissue after oils penetrate into skin, eliminate the toxin accumulation, helps break down fats, can expel excess water, thus can detoxification and the curative effect of firming effectively.
Use the method of Dubai massage of essential oil, can make the body muscle is more tight to be gentle and graceful, drive off annoying and puffy figure.
2. Facial Dubai massage can achieve the beauty effect:
Can promote the blood circulation of skin, promote cell regeneration, restore skin elasticity.
In addition, the use of essential oils Dubai massage skin more adjustment the exudation of oily skin, maintain the acid-base balance of skin, make skin grease is not easy accumulation, avoid all kinds of blockages, prevent skin aging.
3. Therapeutic effect of head Dubai massage:
If use essential oil to Dubai massage scalp, can nourish scalp cells, effectively improve hair quality, relieve pressure.
Modern people are busy working and living every day. Most people are stressed out by the pressure. Therefore, relief is more important than beauty and health.
4. Essential oil Dubai massage to eliminate the stomach fire:
Dubai massage with citrus oil, peppermint oil or ginger oil.
Apply one or two essential oils to 4 drops, mix with a teaspoon of body lotion, apply the mixture to the palm of your hand, and gently Dubai massage in a clockwise circle on your abdomen.
Then use a towel to wrap a bottle full of warm water and lie on your side in bed.
Dubai massage