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The Dubai Thai massage

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The Dubai Thai massage, originating in the western part of ancient India, was founded by the king's physician, givakokumar, who is still revered as the father of medicine by the Thai people.
The Dubai Thai massage

His knowledge of traditional medicine and Dubai Thai massage techniques by missionary monks in Thailand, and convened by the king, extensively absorb their valuable experience in traditional medicine and Dubai Thai massage, and engraved on the marble, a veranda wall embedded in the watt wave pass area.

Dubai Thai massage
And become the base for training traditional Dubai Thai massage.

Thai Dubai Thai massage is one of the ancient medical culture of Thailand, has a history of more than 4000 years, has a long history.
The ancient Thai royal family used it as one of the methods to strengthen the body and heal the body.
Thai massage in Dubai
In recent years, with the development and promotion of Thai government supervision,  Dubai Thai massage has become widely known as a natural treatment of Chinese and foreign countries.
Dubai Thai massage