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Keeping in good health of Dubai massage

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Keeping in good health of Dubai massage

Welcome to Dubai massage spa center,We have best massage in Dubai. Dubai massage center arrange Thai massage , lulu massage, Korea massage, Japanese massage in Dubai anyplace. Just call Dubai massage phone number +
The important function of meridians - the pivot and yin-yang
Keeping in good health of Dubai massage
"The theory of the soul," also yun: "the twelve meridians, the inner part of the mansion, the outer part of the body."
Meridian is the floorboard of the meridians and collaterals in the human body, is the way of circulation of qi and blood, it belongs to the zang-fu organs, within the outer segments, prudent, through up and down, like a network distribution of the whole body, linking all parts of the zang-fu organs of organs into a unified coordination and stable organic whole.
It is obvious that the human body has a wide range of arteries and veins, and it is obviously not realistic to adjust the meridians for the treatment of the meridians. Therefore, we only choose the critical meridians for treatment.
Keeping in good health of Dubai massage
In the discussion of the theory of Yin and Yang, yun: "the sun is open, yangming is the sun, the sun is the pivot", "the taiyin is open, the syncope is closed, the less Yin is the pivot".
Describes the movement of twelve meridians: open, close, and turn.
Among them, the sun is in the third Yang, and in the Yang Ming, to help Yang Ming's close;
Can connect the sun to the sun.
Dubai massage: opening and closing system all ills, and the role of the opening and closing by cardinal rotation to maintain, only made the cardinal smooth, opening and closing two after to normal operation, in order to better promote the growth of human blood, to ensure the normal operation of the qi and blood, maintaining basic human body physiological activity, cardinal for the whole body is still keeping touch one.
The yangyang to the three Yang to operate a smooth cardinals, is the Yang to Yin important portal.
Thus it can be seen that the pivot is the key point of the human body.
"All 11 dirty depends on the courage" -- the courage to rise to the sun
The survival of the human body cannot be separated from the Yang qi. In the theory of natural anger and the general theory, the "Yang qi people, if the day and the day, the loss of their lives will not be the same."
The rise of Yang qi is crucial to health.
In the book of internal scripture, the importance of the qi in the zang-fu activities is to emphasize the importance of the courage and the courage of the heart.
Keeping in good health of Dubai massage
The gallbladder is in the five behavior wood, five seasons is spring, the spring of the machine is the growth, the rise, the rise, shows the vigor of the vitality, is the beginning of Yang qi.
"The huangdi neijing" also said, "the first of the five, the first of the six, the qi rising."
Li dongyuan, in the theory of spleen and stomach, said, "the courage of the courage, the lack of the rising of the spring, the spring air is the life of all things."
Zhang zhi-cong has "a total of 11 viscera, a gallbladder, the head of the gallbladder, the first of the five, and the gallbladder rising to the top of the viscera, which depends on the courage".
It can reach the Yin and Yang qi of the human body, so it is the special function of the main hair and the Yin and Yang in the physiological activities of the human body.
Bile first start flourishing in the house are equal, article eleven other serious, every once a prosperous phase of on duty exercise every day, the start and end of all starts from the bravery of the movement, prosperous phase, the bile after the start and start their own movement.
The gallbladder can be filled with blood
Bile in the sun be the spirit ascending function in the process of use, of the government plays a role, is the sun be the spirit of the fu, provided the sun be the spirit litres, promote the function of gasification, prompting camp blood regeneration, so as to achieve Yin pingyang secret, restore the balance of the body since the stabilizing system.
Keeping in good health of Dubai massage
From the experience of traditional Chinese medicine, when the viscera is not good, it can stimulate its related meridians and strengthen the function of the meridians. Therefore, the best way to solve the problem of biliary function is to tap the gallbladder meridian.
If the blood movement of the body is not very good, the initiation of the gallbladder is particularly important.
In the case of hyperactivity of qi and blood, the bile can not be sold, but other channels can also start up normally.
"The soul of the meridian" has a cloud: "the jingluo people, so can be killed, the disease, the adjustment of reality, cannot be impassable."
The human body relies on it to run the blood, play the role of the inner guard, and keep the dynamic balance between the viscera and the limbs, so as to coordinate the body with the external environment.
When the meridians of the normal physiological function obstacles, outside the skin, muscle, tendon, vessel and bone alongwith need not, five zang-organs not conceal, fu is not shipped, disorder of qi and blood, not normal to play to camp outside the physiological functions of internal security, all ills which is born.
Therefore, the dredging of the natural gas is of vital importance to the prevention of disease and disease.
Every day, it can be used to adjust the function of both internal and external functions, so as to adjust the function of the gallbladder to boost the Yang qi, so that the Yang qi reaches the viscera of the six organs, and the organs and organs of the heart and the body of the heart and the body of the heart and the heart of the body.

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