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Dubai massage and SPA

Welcome to Dubai massage spa center, Dubai massage center arrange Thai massage , lulu massage, Korea massage, Japanese massage in Dubai anyplace. Just call Dubai massage phone number +
Dubai massage and SPA
"30 minutes of effective relief to work" Dubai massage, the project is divided into two categories, one is "Dubai massage", the other is Dubai SPA.
The "Dubai massage" is divided into 30 minutes of quick relaxation and 70 minutes of effective relief, and Dubai SPA is divided into 70 minutes of upper body SPA and 110 minutes of body SPA.
So, what's the difference between Dubai massage and Dubai SPA?
Dubai massage and SPA
Massage, do you look familiar?
Yes, in southeast Asia, known as Dubai massage, this sign can be seen in the streets and alleys.
We used to call Thai massage, and Dubai actually belong to a massage, massage, physiotherapy categories (large sword is not one of them), are technicians using the fingers, palms, fist, elbow or knee, through specific techniques and methods, relieve fatigue and pain, make people happy.
In ancient times, Thai massage was the exclusive preserve of royalty.
Dubai massage and SPA
Use a little only, Chinese massage, kneading, dial the technique is more, the pain and pleasure, so in the blind massage shop, often hear the shouts of oh, oh, and technicians "general principles of the pain, the pain is not" sophisticated interpretation.
And Thai massage with push, press, pressing the technique more, the process is very comfortable, but the curative period is not long.
Can you be comfortable in the process, but the effect is more lasting?
Well, that's a good question and the goal of Dubai SPA.
We visited the old Chinese traditional Chinese medicine in chengdu and went deep into the ancient massage academy in rural Thailand, and studied the new standard of Dubai massage with a combination of zhongtai.
So far, the standard is not perfect, but it is close to goal.
Dubai massage and SPA
Dubai SPA is also an ancient and mysterious craft.
In humans the golden age of ancient Greece, people had mastered the use of natural spices and spa to entertain their methods, development up to now, it is a blend of aromatic, massage, spa, music, is becoming more and more advanced, more and more get the welcome of rich Chinese, too.
At present, Dubai SPA is divided into two sides, one end is the various SPA club on the top, one end is the "essential oil of the small massage shop".
Dubai SPA is a bit different -- clean, transparent and efficient.
We designed the transparent glass rooms, each equipped with independent shower facilities, a large number of logs, stone material and green plant build space, department of forestry, the ubiquitous natural perfume and background music, as our brand name in English, Dubai SPA, an office worker can easily enjoy the authentic Dubai SPA!
Dubai massage and SPA
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