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Call girl in Dubai
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Everybody is good, the Japanese customs industry introduces, this time we introduce is デ リ ヘ ル.
Believe that many students know what is call girl, Chinese translation for call girl, this profession exists in almost all communication on earth is more eligible countries, but if you ask a Japanese person, how to find a call girl, I'm afraid that the other party will give you a black mark expression.
Call girl in Dubai
Why is that?
Because in Dubai customs industry developed, this profession has already formed the industrialization, the door to door delivery service called デ リ ヘ ル.
デ リ ヘ ル is デ リ バ リ ー ヘ ル ス, the full name of English is delivery to the health.
It can be understood that it is the custom of sending out the door.
The rise of such an industry is far from elegant, but it is now widespread in Japan and quite a few websites.
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Although the customs of the Japanese industry is very developed, but the national law is prohibitive transaction, however, imaginative and follow the food also Japanese, color or find the blind spot of the law - that is ソ ー プ ラ ン ド, namely everybody often see bubble bath in love action movies (about the bubble bath, will be introduced later), but it is also the only allow sexual trading places, the existence of equivalent to dc.
This is the original insert in the sex trade, and the law forbids it, and the Japanese law does not forbid anything else.
Grain stocks, which means technicians use in addition to the other parts of the in vitro to simulate sexual behavior, and help men to achieve orgasm - skilled technicians, its means of grain stocks have not technology, has even reach the height of the art, worse even than the real sex more men was stimulating.
Ok, so after we get to the top three, we're going to get started here.
After long time development, door to door delivery service (デ リ ヘ ル), also developed two kinds of different formats - general デ リ ヘ ル and South Korea デ リ ヘ ル, this paper first introduces a general sense of デ リ ヘ ル (door to door delivery service).
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Also mentioned above, in addition to the bubble bath, all custom of the place and technician can't have this behavior, so a general sense of デ リ ヘ ル (door to door delivery service) is not this time.
The Japanese take-out delivery service process is this:
First, find a take-out restaurant near a hotel on a dedicated website (similar to the one you found on Meituan).
Select the technician (usually only the name, the photo, the age of the three, the store's introduction to the technician, and the attendance schedule)
When you choose, call the store and say what you see on the site (some sites offer discounts in this way).
Tell the shopkeeper what hotel you are in, what room, what name, if not the hotel phone call, then the hotel call also told the store.
If you don't have a hotel, or if you want to experience a Japanese love hotel, or if you're in a hotel too far away from your hotel, you can ask for a hotel.
In addition, some stores will also tell you how much extra money you need to pay for your taxi (which doesn't require you to pay for a taxi).
5. Tell the store before you see the technician, if you don't believe in photo on the website, you can tell the type to the store, let the store to help you decide (unlike domestic sauna, don't worry about the store can bully the new driver).
The shop owner will hang up the phone first, then confirm the guest's information and send the technician, then call back to your hotel to confirm the arrival time.
All landowners technicians arrive at the hotel or hotel (if late also don't be afraid, are calculated will begin service in accordance with the actual working hours, and if the technician to be late, she would have guilt, can service better instead).
Today if you feel the technician is not what you want, you can choose to cancel or change, but have to pay a cancellation fee and transportation back and forth, 3000-5000, there are some shops do not charge fees, will only limit in the number, for example, most can be in 1 to 2 times, but the transportation or want to.
In fact, the dragon son is not very recommended to change people, after all, if the change person's words will wait for quite a long time.
(for more than 2 times, you have to be careful that black suit brother is looking for your SHOW tattoo)
If you think the technician is good, it's your dish, so let the technician call the store and confirm the receipt.
The technician will greet you, introduce yourself and then help you take a bath.
⑪ health work is completed, the technician will start to active service for you, because of the element is a systemic technology, very energetic, so technicians only upon confirmation of the guest need the service or she feel that you are about to launch, will use the technology.
⑫ for some technicians, higher cost than a very energetic and skill of stocks, adventure directly this time (of course have to wear a raincoat) will be easier, so this time also can negotiate with you, hope to let you give a tip to upgrade to this.
(this kind of behavior is a little dangerous, and if the store knows it's going to be very serious)
⑬ end of combat, technician to freshen up after you can contact the store, confirm the service is completed, payment in advance (there is also a part of the store is going to pay for).
Call girl in Dubai
So what's the take-out price?
This depends on the level of the shop, from 10,000 yen to the trading of the shop, to 70,000 senior stores, in short, a penny of goods.
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