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Where can you keep the daily Dubai massage?

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Where can you keep the daily Dubai massage?
The most simple and effective method of health care is what we normally do Dubai massage, Dubai massage not only can effectively improve the body's blood circulation, helps the body to slow fatigue, the best way to more health disease.
Let's take a look at these simple and effective Dubai massage methods.
Easiest to operate: belly and bottom.
Dubai massage
Kneading the stomach helps the spleen and stomach.
Navel is a place of concentration, and also an important point in traditional Chinese medicine.
There are also zhong wan, guan yuan, qi hai and other points around, and gently knead, it is beneficial to adjust the body's qi and blood and improve the internal organs.
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Pinch the soles of your feet to promote circulation.
The foot is called the "second heart" of human, there are many acupuncture points here, there are thousands of peripheral nerves, which are closely related to the health of various organs of the human body, and its importance is self-evident.
Two or three days with hot water bubble foot, each time half an hour, is very simple and easy to do a kind of health care method, can play the role of warm through the circulation, promote blood circulation.
Efficacy: double ears and spine.
Rub your ears, and your whole body will benefit.
Traditional Chinese medicine says that "the kidney is open to the ear", and it is good for the ear health care and better for the strong kidney.
Dubai massage ears apply gently, usually with clenching, kneading and pulling, and the time is 5 minutes, not exceeding 10 minutes.
It can adjust and promote the physiological function of the body, which is beneficial to strengthen the constitution.
Gently rub the ear and rub, can dredge the meridian, the whole body organs have the health effect.
 Dubai massage
Push your spine and boost your immunity.
The spine and its two sides are one of the two maximal meridians of the human body, the meridian passage, and the important meridian passage, such as liver, kidney, etc., is the place where the Yang is collected.
It can be helped by the family, from top to bottom, or from bottom to top, back and forth with the spine and both sides, can be pushed forward with the edge, or beat forward, each time 5 minutes has the effect of dredging the meridians.
Easiest to ignore: armpit and anterior chest.
According to the armpit, the mind is wide.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is an important point in the armpit, known as the extreme spring, acupuncture or Dubai massage.
There are two ways to Dubai massage, one is to knead.
Use your right index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to Dubai massage your armpit 15 times, then Dubai massage the right armpit for 3 to 5 minutes each time.
The second is to pluck, raise one arm, place the thumb of the other hand on the shoulder joint, and use the middle finger to flick the underside of the armpit, but slowly change the rhythm when it is fast, and alternate between left and right.
Beat chest and improve lung function.
The forechest is the place where the human body is in the shade, and it is important to improve the function of the lungs and to improve the resistance of the body.
Take the method of tapping lightly with the hollow palm to make health care, the five fingers together, palm hollow, aim at the chest bone in the middle of the chest with appropriate intensity.
Each time, 3 ~ 5, stop for 10 seconds, 3 ~ 5 minutes every day.